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The only brand that really grows people's hair and your business!

Xtreme Total Care- Professional only Hair Growth Products. Since 1987

XTC Hair Rejuvenation Systems™ were developed by Trichologists, Doctors, and industry experts. XTC has products and programs that are clinically proven to regrow hair in 4-10 weeks, as it creates a healthy looking head of hair and scalp. It's clinically proven safe and effective for men and women of all ethnicities. XTC‘s Growth Factors+ and hair growth systems combine the most effective, gentle ingredients, in custom developed formulas to work synergistically with Growth Factors+ for maximum effectiveness.

Only Available from your Trichologist, Salon, or Spa professional.

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XTC only sells to Professionals!

During the pandemic, we did not sell direct to clients. we called our distributors, when their customers called us, so they could still get the sale and we drop-shipped even if they were closed.


Manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients, XTC™ Hair regrowth and healthy hair formulas are clinically proven to be safe and effective with over 1 million clients over 35+ years, in 30 countries around the World. It is designed for men and women of all ethnicities and all hair types and is Rated #1 by Certified Trichologists, the real hair experts.

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Results in only 4-10 Weeks

XTC Growth Factors+ had 100% of women and men regrowing a significant amount of hair in 4-10 weeks. Growth Factors+ was developed with Nobel prize-winning technology, and 20+ patents, to produce natural, organic proteins. Growth Factors+ concentration of 24,000 ng/ml - 30,000 ng/ml provides 20-30 times the hair-growing growth factor that PRP does (at 1/10th the cost) and 60 times what’s in your body naturally.


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